Quality and certified garage door installation and repair in Kirkcaldy

If we consider the earlier garage layouts, we would see how people used to keep them open. But this wasn't the best thing to do because open garage increases crime and theft rates. So, installing a garage door sounds more feasible. And that's where we step in as a certified company for garage door installation across London.

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Shopfront door services in Kirkcaldy

Are you looking for the best services for shopfront door installation in Kirkcaldy? If yes, we are here at Thames Shopfront Support to help you. Our technicians are well-versed in different types of gates installed in the shops. Without delay, we can work on multiple gate types, from sliders to roll-up shutters. We take complete responsibility for fixing the damage immediately without wasting your time. We understand your dilemma and concern with a malfunctioning or non-functional garage door.

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    Types of garage doors we can install

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    Roll-up garage doors

    Our technicians are proficient with the most common garage door type- the roll-up door. It is simply a shutter with a motorized housing hidden behind the top wall. It can be operated manually or with a remote according to the requirements. We have gained experience installing both garage door come shutter types to ensure our clients can have what they want.

    Sliding garage doors

    Another popular garage door type we deal in is the sliding door. It can be a single slider or a sectional one. In the latter one, we install a number of panels of equal size. You can slide one panel or more to open the gateway to the garage according to your needs.

    Side-hinged garage doors

    Side-hinged garage doors are best for large garages in residential areas. You can either go for a single hinged door with one panel opening in either direction but towards the outdoor portion of the garage. But for better working, we always recommend to make it a two-panel side-hinged door so that the panels can open up outwardly on both sides and increase the gateway space.

    Over the canopy garage doors

    Although rare, we have specialized in installing over-the-canopy garage doors. These will move to the top of the garage with the push of a button or a remote. But unlike the shutters that move up by coiling around a rod, this door type will move up as a whole, flat structure.

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